How to buy NFT
This article describes the NFT purchasing process and addresses copyright issues connected with your purchase.

Aumso provides you with a unique opportunity to buy NFT of fine art listed on our platform. Most of the artworks you can find in our catalogue are not minted as NFT, however we provide you with all-inclusive services of creating a high quality digital copy of the painting and minting it on your preferred blockchain or marketplace. Minting includes a licensing contract that explicitly grants you exclusive rights on the NFT copyright and prohibits artists from creating further digital copies or NFTs. This fully protects your rights and makes your NFT one of a kind. More on copyrights you can find in our article NFT of Fine art and Digital Rights explained

Purchasing NFT

Pre-ordering NFT of fine art is made easy and convenient process.

1.Choose your art

You can browse our NFT catalogue or find art containing the “Buy NFT” button.

2.NFT checkout

During the checkout process you have a choice of delivery, directly to your wallet or a marketplace.

Delivery to your wallet

By choosing this option, you pay the full amount in advance and will receive a professionally minted contract to your indicated blockchain wallet.

Please choose your preferred blockchain and indicate your wallet address.

Delivery to marketplace

By choosing this option, you pay only the platform fee, while the full amount is paid on the marketplace of your choice.

Indicate preferred blockchain you want the NFT to be minted on.

NFT minting

Photo on the website does not correspond to the digital copy. Once we receive your order, our team will contact the artist and initialise the minting process. The process includes high-quality photo or scanning of the artwork, and then professionally adjusted to match our highest quality standards. In addition, an official "contract of copyright transfer will be signed and attached to the metadata of the NFT, ensuring you are the owner of the creative work of an artist. Works and contracts are hosted on our own safe storage and

It may take up to 7 days to complete all stages.

NFT and Fine Art Copyright

You will receive full and exclusive rights to distribute the creative work as NFT.  Despite the fact that the original still exists and can be purchased separately, it comes with a contract, stating your exclusive rights to distribute the creative work as NFT, explicitly prohibiting buyers from minting it.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact our friendly community-based support.

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