Digital Rights
This document outlines the terms governing interactions on our platform. It introduces the Digital Rights Service, explains copyright transfers and NFT rights, and emphasizes the finality of digital sales. Familiarize yourself with these terms to understand your rights and obligations while using our platform.


1.1 Buyer - A natural person or a company, registered on a Platform and agreed to these Conditions.

1.2 Seller - A natural person or a company, registered on a Platform and signed up for a Sellers Account. During registration, company agreed to these set of Terms & Conditions

1.3. Platform or Aumso or We - website and all services, offered by Ecom Europe Limited and other 3rd parties or affiliated service providers.

1.4 Artwork - a unique product, existing in a single form, physical or digital, created by the seller and listed for sale on the platform.

1.5 Purchasing agreement  - Agreement that is created between parties once order with artwork has been submitted to the Platform.

1.6 Copyright - legal right to make copies or variations of the Artwork including, but not limited to prints, NFTs, stock photos.
1.7 Digital rights service  - Service enabled by the Seller by signing this agreement and agreeing to these terms and conditions.

1.8 Digital copy - An precise copy of the Artwork in digital format, created  by the Seller or the Platform, provided to the buyer as a part of a copyrights transfer process. Digital copy can be in the form of a HI-RES image or minted NFT with embedded smart contact.

2.General conditions

2.1 Digital Rights service is an optional service that enables sellers and buyers to exchange copyrights of artworks listed on the Platform.

2.2 Original artworks purchased on the platform do not include digital copyrights.

2.3 If the seller chooses to enable this service, digital copies of his listed artworks can be sold together or separately from the original artwork.

2.4 Fees and commission for each digital art form is described in Fees agreement and are subject to change. Fees and commissions are applied at the moment of sale.

2.5 If the Digital rights service is enabled, the Seller agrees to grant an explicit exclusive right to distribute, manage and represent the Sellers’s Copyrights on the Platform.  

2.6 The Platform has the right to perform legal actions on behalf of the Seller and Buyer, to mediate and enforce legal rights of both parties.

2.7 During the purchasing process, the Buyer signs and agrees to an explicit list of Copyrights that are granted by the Seller.

2.8 Digital rights do not grant rights to original artwork and should be bought separately.

3 Rights to distribute copies and derivative works

3.1 This type of copyrights grants the buyer an exclusive right to sell variations of the Artwork on the Platform or anywhere else.

3.2 This right do    es not grant a right to sell or transfer copyrights itself to other parties without Sellers or the Platform explicit consent.

3.3 Copyright transfer to other parties can be made on the Platform, according to the initial contract, signed by both parties when the copyright has been acquired.

4. NFT - Rights to sell

4.1 This type of copyright grants the buyer an exclusive right to sell NFT of the Artwork digital copy, minted by the Platform or the Seller on selected blockchain.

4.2  The rights do not grant byer a right to mint and sell the digital copy on other blockchains.

4.3 The rights do not include additional services, like Burning Art service, that can be provided by the Seller at extra cost.

4.4 Buyer receives NFT in form of a smart contract transferred to his wallet, indicated during the purchasing process.

4.5 Byer can acquire the right to buy the original work at an agreed price during the copyright purchase process.

5. NFT - Right to mint  - Exclusive rights

5.1 This type of copyright grants the buyer an exclusive right to mint and sell NFT of the Artwork digital copy as his own or part of the collection.

5.2  This right grants explicit right to mint and sell the digital copy on any blockchain in any form.

5.3 Seller is not liable for any remuneration or inclusions in the smart contract.

6. Copyright Transfer

6.1 The Platform allows buyers to list, transfer or resell copyrights they acquired through the Platform if this right is explicitly listed during the copyright purchasing process.

6.2 Copyright transfer is an additional service that can include a fee.  

6.3 All copyrights transferred outside the Platform cannot be supported or mediated by the Platform.

7. Cancellation

7.1 All digital sales and contracts are final and cannot be retracted or changed.

Last edited 22.07.24